A Peek Inside Our Store 2016


Ekaa: Ekaa is a State of Oneness, One-Pointedness where creativity happens at its best.

Hands That Create: For Ideas to materialize, the Hands must align with the Thought Force. Thinking alone does not carry us far. The thoughts remain fluid until the hands give them shape. It is only when the Hands join the thinking, that the process is complete. It is the Hands that Create. And that which is made by Hands is always Ekaa, One of a Kind

Ekaa, Inc: At Ekaa we celebrate that which is created by hands, The Hand-Crafted. Ekaa is a humble effort to retail, wholesale and promote hand-crafted goods steeped in tradition. Ekaa is a US based retailer & wholesaler of handmade, hand woven, hand embroidered home and fashion accessories made by traditional artisans in India. 


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