Brass Sculpture Hanuman: The Yoga of Devotion: BHAKTI YOGA

At EKAA Hands That Create, we are glad to introduce this breath taking painting of HANUMAN: One That is Free From DOUBT, The Greatest Devotee Ever. This oil painting has a stunning border of etched clay finished with 24kt gold foil and crystals.This art form follows the famous tradition of Tanjore Paintings. To connect with the painting at the heart level, it is imperative to understand Hanuman. 

YOGA is Union with the Self. The paths to achieve this Union are many. The road taken ranging from being Immersed in Knowledge (GYAN Yoga), Disciplined in Action (KARMA Yoga), Or Simply being in Love (BHAKTI Yoga). BHAKTI Yoga is the Unfaltering Aligning of Oneself to Divine Will in Complete Faith and Surrender. Knowing HE is the doer. You are simply the Instrument. IT is all happening Through you, NOT BY You. BHAKTI is Living Life with Unconditional Devotion and Service to a Higher Cause. Free from the Lure of Endless, Insatiable Desires, Living with Purity, Strength and Ability.   

Hanuman, The Most Popular Deity in the Hindu Pantheon, Is one of the Main Character in the Epic The Ramayana, The Largest Ancient Epic in World Literature. Hanuman Represents Many Things, at Many Levels. But most of all he is known for the Bhakti in Him - The Devotion that is Ever Free of doubt.

The Story: Prince Rama’s wife Sita is abducted by the Evil Ten-Headed Demon King Ravana. Hanuman with his agility is able to leap across the sky & sea to find the location of Sita. With his supernatural abilities he helps Lord Rama win the war against Ravana and bring Sita back home safe.

At the Un-manifest Level Rama is the Supreme Consciousness and Hanuman is the Natural State of Love, Bliss, and Equanimity. They are Inseparable.  

At the Manifest Micro-cosmic level the Mind (Sita) has been separated from Self (Rama) by the Senses (Ravana) that have fallen into Negative tendencies (Lust, Anger, Greed, Cravings & Ego). With the help of the Pranayaama Breath (Hanuman) the: Senses are Restrained * Ego is Silenced * Control of the Mind regained and Balance Restored to the Body & Life.

Why Monkey: The Monkey is by Nature Agile, Fearless, Mischievous and Strong. Absorbed in Animalistic Tendencies it causes havoc.  The Unrestrained Mind like the Restless Monkey jumps hither-thither causing disturbance to itself and others. It is when it finds Focus, Direction and Devotion, that it awakens to its own Supreme Potential. Established in the Self it is able to Perform Stupendous Feats, Thereby Rising from Ordinary to Extraordinary.


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