Fund Raising Spruce Forest Artisan Village

Spruce Forest is a unique and valuable artisan village located in the Allegheny region dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the region. The early immigrants, Amish and Mennonite communities lived here peacefully with Native Americans and other settlers, developing the strong arts, crafts and farming traditions. It is those Specific Traditions that the artists here are dedicated to preserving and developing. Spruce Forest is a venue where visitors (60,000 per year) have the chance to interact with artisans inside their studios. Through a storytelling program, visitors experience the Words and Wisdom of the settlers who came to The Americas almost 200 years ago.  

EKAA, Hands that GIVE is a platform created by EKAA Inc. to Mobilize Giving. Our Giving to Spruce Forest is to support and thank them for their effort toward preserving Traditional Arts and Crafts thereby keeping the culture alive. 

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