International Day of YOGA, June 21'st 2017: BHAKTI YOGA June 21 2017, 0 Comments

The Yoga of Devotion: BHAKTI YOGA

YOGA is Union with the Self. The paths to achieve this Union are many. The road taken ranging from being Immersed in Knowledge (GYAN Yoga), Disciplined in Action (KARMA Yoga), Or Simply being in Love (BHAKTI Yoga). Eventually all paths merge, overlap and take you to the One same Divinity “The Electricity” that Illuminates all the Bulbs. The Bulb WILL drop. The Electricity will remain Unchanged, Unaffected!! This International Day June 21’st 2017, At Ekaa we offer our Deepest Gratitude to the Masters that have devoted their Life in the Search and Service of God, offering mankind profound knowledge and guidance to wade their way out from mundane meaningless existence, to something above and beyond.

BHAKTI Yoga is the Unfaltering Aligning of Oneself to Divine Will in Complete Faith and Surrender. Knowing HE is the Doer. You are simply the Instrument. IT is all happening Through you, NOT BY You. BHAKTI is Living Life with Unconditional Devotion and Service to a Higher Cause. Free from the Lure of Endless, Insatiable Desires, Living with Purity, Strength and Ability.

At EKAA Hands That Create, we introduce this breath taking painting of HANUMAN: One That is Free From DOUBT, The Greatest Devotee Ever. The painting is made in oil and embossed in 24kt gold foil, following the famous tradition of Tanjore Paintings.

Hanuman, The Most Popular Deity in the Hindu Pantheon, Is one of the Main Character in the Epic The Ramayana, The Largest Ancient Epic in World Literature. Hanuman Represents Many Things, at Many Levels.

The Story: Prince Rama’s wife Sita is abducted by the Evil Ten-Headed Demon King Ravana. Hanuman with his agility is able to leap across the sky & sea to find the location of Sita. With his supernatural abilities he helps Lord Rama win the war against Ravana and bring Sita back home safe.

At the Un-manifest Level Rama is the Supreme Consciousness and Hanuman is the Natural State of Love, Bliss, and Equanimity. They are Inseparable.

At the Manifest Micro-cosmic level the Mind (Sita) has been separated from Self (Rama) by the Senses (Ravana) that have fallen into Negative tendencies (Lust, Anger, Greed, Cravings & Ego). With the help of the Pranayaama Breath (Hanuman) the: Senses are Restrained * Ego is Silenced * Control of the Mind regained * and Balance Restored to the Body & Life.

Why Monkey: The monkey is by nature agile, fearless, mischievous and strong. Absorbed in animalistic tendencies it causes havoc. The unrestrained mind like the restless monkey jumps hither-thither causing disturbance to itself and others. It is when it finds Focus, Direction and Devotion, that it awakens to its own Supreme Potential. Established in the Self it is able to perform Stupendous Feats, thereby rising from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Artisans a Luxury on the Brink of Extinction April 29 2017, 0 Comments

Hands That Create Are Ekaa, One of a kind. The Craft they create is also Ekaa, One of a kind. In a state of Ekaa, Ekaagrat, Ekchit when Ideas are supported with Action, Creation happens at its Best. From dust laden shacks, enduring sweltering heat, in the absence of a controlled environment, the Artisan produces magnificent, tradition-bound goods that are the very soul and spirit of the region. Artisan is a Luxury that is on the brink of extinction!! It is our Collective Responsibility to go beyond the Likes 👍 and support Artisans across the globe. Whether it is a farmers market, street festival or a small gift shop buying from a small artisan empowers the Art, Artisan, Culture & Economy. A little support goes a long way. 

SHIVA: The Dancer & The Dance, The Same!! February 17 2017, 0 Comments

Friday, Feb 24'th, 2017 is Shiva Ratri (The Night of Shiva), a popular Indian festival with Universal spirit and significance. The festival is traditionally celebrated from 6pm to 6am on a particular night each year, as per the lunar calendar. The entire night is spent in alertness, meditation and chanting of the Shiva mantra: NAAA MAAA SHIII VAAA YAAA. With the chanting of this mantra, the power of the 5 elements that are already present in us, are energized: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Space. The benefits received from this process, are for you to discover and enjoy of your own. 

At Ekaa, we serve the festival by making accessible to the people the beautiful hand-crafted brass sculpture that personifies Shiva, Shiva who is really A Principle - and NOT a Person. The dance pose of the hand-crafted Shiva Nataraja brass sculpture, lifts the veil ever so gently, revealing the Essential Truths of creation. In his back right hand Shiva holds the hourglass drum that expels the sound of Creation. The heartbeat of life in wave like patterns exists momentarily in the span of time, arises and then disappears. The front right hand expresses the principle of Preservation, implying that Patience & Blessings are there for sustenance. Cessation is expressed through the back left hand which holds the fire that engulfs, consumes and turns to ash. The right foot suppresses and controls the mind that makes us small, ignorant and egoistic. The left foot gracefully rises up signifying the spirit of detachment and letting go. The front left hand is gracefully stretched in the elephant pose signifying auspiciousness.

THE HINDU RELIGION is accurately known as Sanatan Dharma, A religion without beginning or end. The religious philosophy rests on three essential pillars: The Unshakable Faith in the Existence of God; The Theory of Rebirth; and The Vedas as the founding texts to live a virtuous life.

Behind the enormous numbers, sizes and forms of God, there exists the One Ultimate Absolute Reality namely The Brahman, the basis, support and source of everything. This Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God is a Principle. Since it is difficult to make a relationship with a principle, the principle is given a Personality and Form and so the 330 million Gods & Goddesses. Form evokes Love. Humans fall in love with the form of the deity and are then susestable to imbibe the virtues it represents, establishing an innate eternal bond. The deity becomes a medium to understand the core principles of the Universe: Creation, Preservation & Cessation

Eko Hum Bahu Sayami. From One, Of my Own Accord, I Become Many

The universe has One starting point, One source! The atom of everything from the human being to animals to the entire cosmos is fundamentally same. As it becomes complex it creates the visible diversity. The dance of creation though seemingly random, is intrinsically structured and synchronized; the dancer and the dance being the same. Moving with effortless ease the entire cosmos, planets, sun, moon and life itself flow in circular cyclic patterns like tides that rise out and away from the sea, inevitably to roll back into it once again. Pouring out of Shiva (Space) and subsiding back into Shiva. Of its own volition the unfathomable space spurts out its own vivid forms. From stillness to sound; from formless to form; from within to without; in perfect orchestration flows the dance of consciousness.

From Shiva We Come, Shiva We Are, Into Shiva We Return.

Gratitude to the many masters that have provided us with this understanding, from time immemorial

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Ekaa: Ekaa is a State of Oneness, One-Pointedness where creativity happens at its best.

Hands That Create: For Ideas to materialize, the Hands must align with the Thought Force. Thinking alone does not carry us far. The thoughts remain fluid until the hands give them shape. It is only when the Hands join the thinking, that the process is complete. It is the Hands that Create. And that which is made by Hands is always Ekaa, One of a Kind

Ekaa, Inc: At Ekaa we celebrate that which is created by hands, The Hand-Crafted. Ekaa is a humble effort to retail, wholesale and promote hand-crafted goods steeped in tradition. Ekaa is a US based retailer & wholesaler of handmade, hand woven, hand embroidered home and fashion accessories made by traditional artisans in India.