3 Day Pranayama & Meditation: The Happiness Course, Art of Living Foundation September 20 2017, 0 Comments

One Weekend, Infinite Possibilities!!

DATE: Sat-Mon * Oct 7, 8, 9th * 6-9pm

VENUE: Annapolis (Address to be announced)

LEARN MORE: https://www.artofliving.org/us-en/happiness-program

SIGN UP: https://www.artofliving.org/us-en/courses > Happiness Course Annapolis


Organizer: EKAA, Inc. Ritu Sudershan *ritu@ekaainc.com * 631-455-1991

Teacher:    Sathish Calangi *sathish.calangi@artofliving.org *914-260-6262

                   Kamini Mathur * kamininarendra9@gmail.com *240-328-3257


The Human world operates on two levels: Inner World (Mind) and Outer World (Material). What can be enjoyed in the Outer world: Relationships & Possessions can only be enjoyed when there is Happiness in the Inner World. What is IN shines the light on what is OUT.   

HAPPINESS: Happiness within is the Inner Purity and a Quiet Mind. Happiness is the SECRET of all beauty. When we are Happy we enjoy Better Health, More Enthusiasm, Increased Harmony in Relationships, and we attain a Better Ability to handle Stressful Situations. A Happy person is a Productive person!!! Happiness happens when the Mind is freed. A Happy Mind is the Source of all HEALING Power. And how to Cultivate such a Mind, the Secret is revealed in The Happiness Program.  

HAPPINESS PROGRAM: The centerpiece of the Happiness Program is The Sudarshan Kriya, A Powerful Breathing Technique that uses specific natural rhythms of breath to release stress at the deepest level, balances and integrates the Mind, Body & Heart. SU means Proper, Darshan means Vision, Kriya means  Purifying Action.

COURSE CONTENT: A True Vacation where you attend to different layers of your existence:

  • Body: Low impact Yoga for Body Health, Circulation, Relaxation.
  • Breath: Breathing techniques for Energy and Rest.
  • Mind: Practical Wisdom for handling Negative Emotions, Improving focus and Harmony in relationships.

 COURSE TAKE AWAY: The Greatest Spiritual Practice is to Cultivate a Happy mind

  • Happiness Here and Now.
  • Connect with yourself at a Deeper Level: Enthusiasm, Courage, Self-Motivation
  • Master the Mind: Increase Focus, Clarity and Self-Esteem, better Anger Management
  • Stronger Immunity, Improved Emotional Regulation
  • Take home Daily Practices that have Immediate and Cumulative effect.
  • Access to ongoing follow up programs around USA and worldwide
  • Lifetime Free access to weekly practice.
  • Feel The Freedom not as a concept, but as a Direct Experience.
  • Increased Focus, Clarity, Self-esteem,
  • Deep sleep 218%
  • Well Being 50%
  • Stress Hormone decrease 56%
  • Depression 70% decrease