Artisans a Luxury on the Brink of Extinction April 29 2017, 0 Comments

Hands That Create Are Ekaa, One of a kind. The Craft they create is also Ekaa, One of a kind. In a state of Ekaa, Ekaagrat, Ekchit when Ideas are supported with Action, Creation happens at its Best. From dust laden shacks, enduring sweltering heat, in the absence of a controlled environment, the Artisan produces magnificent, tradition-bound goods that are the very soul and spirit of the region. Artisan is a Luxury that is on the brink of extinction!! It is our Collective Responsibility to go beyond the Likes 👍 and support Artisans across the globe. Whether it is a farmers market, street festival or a small gift shop buying from a small artisan empowers the Art, Artisan, Culture & Economy. A little support goes a long way.