Amritha Narasimhan - Redefining Empowerment

When I talk about Mrs. Amrita Narasimhan, who I lovingly call Amu, the understanding of The Hands that Create elevates to yet another level. Self-Made is simply a misnomer. We "Are" because of the Hands that Create us; The Hands that bless; The Hands that provide meaningful support in our journey. Amu is that Special Hand to me and to EKAA!!

A school teacher by profession, Amu came to the United States in the 1970's. Post retirement her schedule became busier as she dedicated her life selflessly to the service of people in Howard County, MD volunteering at domestic violence centers, offering companionship-support to seniors and providing continuing education to the 50 plus. It took me a while to recognize that her appearance in my life was no less than divine grace. It began with daily phone calls from her. And as soon as i came out my egocentric understanding that I was offering a listening ear to a senior, I recognized that it was in fact Amu who was doing the listening. She was the anchor that the universe planted into my life, a fresh new thought-force to help me re-think my way into creating for myself a world that I wished to see. This virtual stranger became the bottomless chasm to receive all my anguish, dilemma, confusion, not to forget a 1000 revisions of my business plan :)). I poured out, and she absorbed it all without an iota of judgement or impatience, her soothing voice encouraging and promising. Her greatness expressed in countless ways. From finding small craft shows to accompanying me on blistering hot days; from helping me with sales or simply  buying (when she really had no need) so that i may not be discouraged, she was a Hand that was always there. And just like that with her at my side EKAA was born. By Her Actions Amu Defines what Friendship and Empowerment Truly Mean

A Telugu Poet Bhadra Bhupala wrote in the 13th century about the Noble-Virtues in a woman, verses that come to mind when I think of Amu who is an embodiment of virtues in her words and deeds!! 

Karaneshu Manthri Advises Like a Minister
Karyeshu Dasi Serves with Like a Devotee
Bhojeshu Mata Nurtures Like a Mother
Kshamayeshu Dharitri Tolerates like the Earth

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