EKAA Meaning

From a Literal perspective Ekaa means The One, One of a Kind, A State of Oneness.

From a Deeper perspective Ekaa signifies the Coming-Together, Completeness, Wholeness, Balance, Absence of Lack.

From the Gift-Shop perspective hand-crafted goods like a signature are always Ekaa, One of a Kind.From the Artisan perspective in a state of Ekaa (One-Pointedness) when Ideas are powered by Action(Hands), the Creative Potential turns Dynamic. The thoughts remain fluid until the Hands give them shape. It is only when the Hands join the Thoughts that Action happens allowing possibilities and potential to unfold. It is the Hands that Create!!

Hands that Create At Ekaa the significance of The Hands that Create shifts from Artisans to acknowledging the role of every person in the journey called Life. We "Are" because of the Hands that Create us, the Hands that Bless and the Hands that Give. Forever we remain indebted !! 

The hands that gave you bounties, rocked your cradle too
The hands that wiped your tear drops are the hands that fed you too. 
The hands of an artist sculptured, your dreams into tangible true
The hands that endured hammers so you would have a flawless few. 
The hands that weave the carpet, your feet to feel soft and warm
Are the hands that bear as witness their own set of warps & weft. 
The potter molds his earthenware and the mason builds brick by brick
The dried parched cracks that their hands endure, on their creation are amiss. 
The hands that bless the world, comfort, care and protect
Wake up to the realization you are but the hands that put you there. Faith, Teacher, Family & Friends

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