EKAA Mission

Ekaa aims to be a vital link in the collective effort to Preserve and Promote the Traditional Cultural Heritage of India (the knowledge and skills handed down from generations) and to simultaneously Empower the Artisans, the Hands that Create these traditional crafts. At the foundation of all cultural craft are artisans and craftsmen. Unable to compete with factories and mass production artisans abandon their skills and seek alternate avenues for financial sustainability. Valuable skills and knowledge handed down from generations are thereby lost. The loss eventually trickles down to the consumers who lose a unique soulful product that is representative of human-power to create excellence even in the absence of sophisticated technology. 

Artisans make the majority of the population of a country. These rural and semi-urban dwellers; the farmers, crafters and helpers are an indispensable driving force of the economic engine. A creatively-fulfilled and economically-sound artisan makes a peaceful citizen. Peaceful citizens make a non-violent nation. The true wealth of a nation is ultimately The Quality of its People!!

We at Ekaa, Inc. are inspired by the work of artisans. However our goal expands to serve the end-users as well. Through our stores we aim to Enrich the Buying Experience of the Customer by offering a touch-feel platform that is memorable, uplifting, and engaging. Small boutiques are community builders that support human-interactions in contrast to the cold and isolated world of touch-button buying.

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