Ritu Sudershan - President

Exhausted by the never-ending race to underbid as a wholesaler to major chain stores that were in the grip of recession, I closed my company and set out in search of a job. Unable to find a job of choice I left for India back in February 2012. I traveled the country studying the Arts, Crafts and Artisans. I came back to the United States knowing that I would never be happy compromising with my heart for economic reasons. I dropped my search for a job and resumed what I loved doing best: Sourcing, Styling and Selling Traditional Artisan-Craft. My platform of choice to sell via, would be a space that engaged the senses and warmed the heart. A Community Connect! An old-world style boutique nested on an old historic street of America. With no financing under my belt to immediately invest in a shop, I put my product in the trunk of my car and took it out for test runs to fairs and festivals around Maryland, DC and VA. The overwhelming response I received was a testimony to the fact that as much as the artisans seek a global market, the global consumer was just as parched for a product steeped in tradition and a buying that was meaningful and purposeful.

From the dust laden shacks of artisans, to the dazzling land of sky scrapers of the West, poverty continues to taint the world of artisans. Economic insufficiency is forcing artisans away from their craft. Losing the artisans means losing valuable craft. EKAA, Hands that Create is an expression of my heartfelt commitment to Artisans, Craft, Culture and Consumers. Empowering Artisans - Preserving Craft is how I chose to serve the World !!

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