Necklace Brass 4 Petals

Regular price $ 58.00

Dhokra necklace. Metal: Brass.

Size: 20" long

Care: For best maintenance of your dhokra jewelry, please keep it away from soaps, lotions and perfumes. 

The traditional metal-smiths of Central India are called the Dhokra Damar tribe. Their craft is a unique form of metal casting known as the lost wax casting or simply Dhokra or Dokra. Like all other crafts across the globe, the timeless Dhokra craft is on the brink of extinction. When rich traditions are lost, what remains is cold, materialistic, mass-produced, price-point inspired me-too merchandise.

Today only a few families practice this craft which faces a serious threat of extinction. Simple workshops, no climate control, no fancy equipment, no feverishness of likes and thumbs up…the artisans squat on dirt floor in their make-do huts and dexterously manifest delightful creations as they simultaneously attend to their family chores. The reward is meager. Bare necessities only.  

At EKAA our endeavor is to lockstep with artisan empowerment initiatives in India by giving a platform to the artisan wares in The United State. Artisans make up for a huge portion of the population. An artisan that is allowed creative flow and economic fulfillment makes a happy and peaceful citizen. We reach out to you, the consumer, to join the movement to preserve the dignity of artisans. Collectively we can move mountains making way for structured, long-term, meaningful empowerment.



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