Incense Stick Sandalwood Set of 2

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Set of 2 boxes. Each box contains 25 Sandalwood incense sticks.

The Sandalwood is a symbol of Divine Love, Worship and Prayer. The uplifting notes of sandalwood incense bring relief and relaxation, calm the nervous system and prompt a feeling of wellbeing. Our Sandalwood incense is simply that and more !! At the end of your day upon your return home, after you freshen up, light half an incense stick and sit by yourself reviewing all the happenings of the day that has gone by. Keep the lessons. Release and Let-Go all the rest. Life is but a dream!! ❤❤❤

Getting to the incense and its fragrance - so how should i describe it?!! Let me try. First and foremost - you do not need to burn the whole stick. Snap the stick into two. One half is sufficient to burn at a time. Make sure you have something to hold the stick up along with a plate to catch the ashes. Once you light the incense give it a few seconds and blow the flame out gently. The incense will contiue to burn slowly emitting smoke.  This incense does not create too much smoke. So no need to panic. Do not use it to cover other strong odors from cooking or pets. Believe me. THAAAAT feels yuk. And NOW for the fragrance. A Clean Warm Woodsy Enchanting Earthy fragrance with a Vetiver / Frankincense'ish undernote !!! 


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