Our Story


Ekaa, Inc., Ekaa, Hands that Create is a USA based retailer & wholesaler of hand-crafted, hand-woven, hand-embroidered home and fashion accessories. Our product is made by natives, tribal, artisans and craftsmen. We do not interfere with the tribal art form or the traditional techniques with which the product is made. Our strength lies in simply directing the production towards colors and flavors appealing to the West. We exert quality controls; support Eco-friendly production process and use of recyclable materials. By promoting handmade we do our little bit toward keeping the culture of hand-crafting alive. 


The core purpose of Ekaa, Inc. is to serve domestic and global artisans, craftsmen and small businesses attached to the world of hand-crafted traditionally-crafted goods and services. Artisans and craftsmen around the world are facing increasing financial hardship in the face of mass production and industrialization of what were traditionally hand-made goods. As artisans abandon their skills in search of financial opportunity, modern society loses inspiring traditional art-forms. Artisans create beautiful relics in the form of clothing, jewelry & home fashions that remind the modern individual of the power of the human hand to create, even in the absence of sophisticated science & technology. We at Ekaa, Inc. are inspired by the work of these artists. We are eager to make their creations accessible overseas to support artisan livelihood while simultaneously enriching the shopping experience of buyers globally. At Ekaa the vision is to celebrate all that is hand-made. At Ekaa we believe that the hand-made product is not a narrow stereo understanding of a technology deprived product crafted by an artisan of lesser economic means. Hand crafted is the indispensable knowledge and skills of yester years passed and perfected from generation to generation that has come of age with the incorporation of technology. Hand crafted encompasses anything where the thought partnered with the hands resulting in the manifestation of product. From Nothing to Everything, It is the Hands that Create.


Ekaa signifies a state of one-pointedness where creativity happens at its best. For Ideas to materialize, dreaming alone is not sufficient. When the hands join the process and effort comes into play, results manifest forth. At Ekaa we celebrate The Hands that Create. Life is not about our journey. It is about our journey together. We are because of the hands that create us, the hands that bless and the hands that give; the hands that we can never repay.

The hands that gave you bounties, rocked your cradle too
The hands that wiped your tear drops are the hands that fed you too.
The hands of an artist sculptured, your dreams into tangible true
The hands that endured hammers so you would have a flawless few.
The hands that weave the carpet, your feet to feel soft and warm
Are the hands that bear as witness their own set of warps & weft.
The potter molds his earthenware and the mason builds brick by brick
The dried parched cracks that their hands endure, on their creation are amiss.
The hands that bless the world, comfort, care and protect
Wake up to the realization you are but the hands that put you there. Faith, Teacher, Family & Friends

Corporate HQ: Ekaa, Inc. , 8833 Goose Landing Circle, Columbia, MD 21045, USA

Ekaa Store: 68 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

Management: Owner: Ritu Sudershan, Email: ritu@ekaainc.com

Call Us: Customer Service: 631-455-1991, Wholesale : 631-455-1991

Email: customerservice@ekaainc.com, wholesale@ekaainc.com