Accent Auto Rickshaw Blue

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For anyone that has been to India, the auto rickshaw represents an exotic exciting way of riding around town. Here we have for you these handmade wood autos. Colorful. Fun. Great accent pieces. 

Size: 6x4"

The “Bommala Colony” or the Toy Colony, is a community of some 80 families that practice a 400 year old tradition of wooden toy making. Descendants of an ancient sage, these artisans inhabit the village of Kondapalli in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Situated at the foothills, these handful of artisans rely on the local Tella Poniki trees for their raw material. The artisans keep the toys as close to nature as possible. Working out of their homes, they hand-carve and hand-color toys in all shapes and sizes, drawing inspiration from their natural habitat. However, this art form is dying today, not able to compete with the modern toys. Trees also take long time to grow and there is disorganized tree felling, hurting the supply of raw material. The Government of India is taking initiatives to save both the livelihood of the artisans and the raw material.