Accent Wood Mini Jar Set

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SET OF 2: Handcrafted hand-painted soft-wood decorative accent jars. These tiny jars have just enough space to fit in something precious - a love not, a secret message, a small piece of jewelry. Not meant to store honey!! Not meant to store liquids !! Do not try to pull open the lid by pulling at the bird. It bites 😁. Laughter aside, the jars are made of soft wood and exerting heavy pressure on the bird can make it break off. Just a bit a caution.  

Size: 2"

THE FORGOTTEN TOYS OF INDIA. Hand carved. Hand painted. This artisan craft originates from the Kondapalli region of South India. A handful of artisans comprising mainly of the elders still practice this craft. Habitat friendly, Simple, Non-Violent, this craft reminds of an era gone by !!