Box Papermache Paisely Dance

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There are boxes. And then there is that One Box that is beyond compare. Shall we give credit to the Hands that Painted this particular box?!!  Absolutely. An expert painter makes the final difference !!


Papermache boxes are the native craft of the Himalayas, often sold by a dime a dozen. Then along comes that One-Perfect-Box that makes all the difference!!! The magical perfection in the exquisite mastery in hand painting by a handful of artisan ultimately takes the crown. The Paisely Dance is that one master piece. Size 10x7. Finished with fine velvet lining inside. Free Shipping !!

Introduced to the Northern Frontier of India in 15th cent by artisans from Persia, this Art of “Chewed-Paper” is made out of discarded paper. 5 weeks of immersion in water, the paper turns into pulp that is dried, powdered, mixed with rice water and set in molds to harden. The hardened pieces are next sanded with jade to shape them into delightful objects of utility and joy. Glazed with shimmering gold and silver foil these precious pieces next receive micro fine strokes of paint made from mineral dust and applied with brushes made with a single strand of hair from a goat or a cat. The artisan captures the beauty from his vicinity and immortalizes it on his canvas forever.