Bracelet Anchor

$ 130.00

Like berries hanging off a summer branch, this 925 silver bracelet displays an abundance of hush rose pearls 5mm, amethyst beads 8mm and silver beads. The single black hematite bead with an anchor charm is symbolic of that within us that sets us apart and keeps us grounded.

Total Weight 25 gm.

Care: Exposure to a number of factors like air, moisture, body oils, cosmetics, hairsprays, lotions and perfumes can speed sterling silver’s natural tarnishing process from silver to black. Keep your silver jewelry out of the shower, swimming pool, or hot tub, and never wash it with regular soap.  Wiping with paper towels or tissues can scratch silver. Use a soft, clean cotton cloth to wipe before you store.

 All Sales are final and are not subject for return, exchanges or credit. 

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