Painting Oil Hanuman 26in

$ 1,795.00

This magical breath-taking 26x22inch painting of HANUMAN is painted in oils and finished in the popular Tanjore style with genuine 24 kt gold foil embossing. HANUMAN: One That is Free From DOUBT, The Greatest Devotee Ever!! Hanuman, The Most Popular Deity in the Hindu Pantheon, Is one of the Main Character in the Epic The Ramayana, The Largest Ancient Epic in World Literature. Hanuman Represents Many Things, at Many Levels. He represents unconditional devotion to the HIGHER SELF, Unfaltering aligning of oneself to the Divine will in complete Faith and Surrender.

SAMPLE NOT FOR SALE. ORDERS ONLY. 45 days for delivery. 50% advance. CUSTOMIZATION available. Each piece is slightly different. 

All Sales are final and are not subject for return, exchanges or credit. 

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