Perfume Rose Attar Roll-On 9ml

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The Red Rose is a  symbol of Love, Warmth and Reverence. The Red Rose Attar simply that - Magnified!! If you wish to express Love, let our Rose Attar do the talking. 💖💖💖🌹🌹

So how should i describe this attar?!! Let me try. When it is first applied it is a little strong. Give it about 10 minutes or so. Lo-behold. A simply mystical, magical, mesmerizing fragrance that is mildly sweet with a delicate woodsy-hint of fresh cut leaves and stems. This is not a spray-on cologne that walks into the room before you, but a subtle soft delicate fragrance that the person next to you will not miss. It lasts and lasts. A little bit goes a long way. It is presented in a cute 1" bottle with an attractive tassel. Ready to enjoy or give as a gift.