Perfume Sandalwood Attar Roll-On 9ml

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The Sandalwood is a symbol of Divine Love, Worship and Prayer. The uplifting notes of sandalwood perfume bring relief and relaxation, calm the nervous system and prompt a feeling of wellbeing. Our Sandalwood perfume is simply that and more !! At the end of your day upon your return home use the attar to help you release yourself from the noise of the day. Freshen up, apply some attar and spend a few quiet alone minutes in gratitude for all that You are and all that You have. ❤❤❤

So how should i describe this fragrance?!! Let me try. When it is first applied for some it is an instant Aaaa-Haaa. For others it may seem slightly strong. Give it a few minutes or so. Then experience the purest cleanest softest woody fragrance of true sandalwood. Mild. Not harsh. It lasts and lasts. A little bit goes a long way.

The attar is presented in a cute 1" bottle with an attractive tassel. Ready to enjoy or give away as a gift.