Rug Wool Felt 36" Round Blues

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Hand embroidered Rug made from felted-wool and finished with colorful chain-stitch embroideries.  

Size: 36" Round 

Dry Clean only.

The felted rug or A Namda is a 700-year-old traditional carpet of Kashmir. The Namda is known for its bright colors and lovely floral designs. It comes in handy as a seating mat or as a decorative accent for a part of the home and office. The Namda is made by felting pure wool. Sheep wool is pressed together through a long, arduous, labor-intensive process. The mat produced is cut into various sizes and shapes and finished with hand embroideries, motifs taken from nature and habitat. The craft is said to have traveled from Iran to Kashmir when a Sufi saint brought along a master craftsman to teach various art forms as a livelihood option to the locals.   

Felting is one of the oldest crafts in the Himalayan region. Soap-water and compression are used to agitated wool and make it stick together. Chain stitch embroideries are done using the ‘aari’ needle to finish the traditional namdas. Unfortunately, the craft is being disturbed by the constant turbulence from wars, conflicts and terrorism in the valley making it difficult for the artisans to survive. Their numbers have declined drastically. A valuable craft is at the brink of extinction. The loss is going to be tremendous for all consumers.