Shirt Long Sleeves Floral Frenzy

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100% Cotton Shirts. Fitted. Long Sleeves. Fabric Buttons. Contrast trim on plackets, sleeves and shoulder. Color fast. Will not fade or shrink after its bath. 

This shirt is produced by a handful of skilled master cutters and tailors. In a population of 1.5 billion, of which close to 80% are artisans, only an eeny-weeny bunch of them truly know sewing. And believe me when one master tailor falls ill in India .... it turns into a workshop meltdown. Master Ji (as we respectfully address the tailors in India) holds the key to "make or break" the look. Even the biggest names amongst designers remain at the mercy of master jis. So here is a shirt from masterji. Wear it buttoned up or wear it over a tanktop as a jacket. Roll up your sleeves on a hot day. Or then enjoy nice long sleeves that do not disappear under the sweater in winter. Pair it with denims or shorts for a weekend look or button up with a pencil skirt for a formal yet joyful look. 

Care: Machine wash, Gentle cycle, Cold water, Hang Dry.