Wall Decor Sun Ganesha

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This handcrafted Sun and Ganesha wall decor brings Charm, Inspiration, Positive and Auspicious energy to a space; A feeling of well being and protection. Replete with meaning it is symbolic of Ideals to live life by. This hanging is made of solid brass casting and has a substantial weight. Each piece varies slightly in color due to the nature of brass. 

Size: 12"

The Sun, known as Surya in Sanskritis an important and  integral part of the Hindu religion because of the central role that it plays in the creation of the Universe. We are all Solar Powered!! Given the status of God, his  praise is sung in scriptures dating back to 1500 BC. Known by a 1000 other names, the Sun is considered as the Source of all Life, Light and Energy; The Nourisher, The Eye of the World, The King of the Constellations, The Controller of the Seasons and much more. From the Sun we imbibe the Principles of Nobility, Impartiality, Brilliance, Splendor, Commitment, Dedication and more. The Sun is a Self-Evident Presence that needs no introduction, a role model for character and personality development.