Tapestry Heavy Beaded White

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. In myriad hues, glittering with exquisite embellishments in silver and gold, these  tapestries are a phenomenon to behold. Sought world over for the natures of their origin, these exclusive tapestries are made from carefully hand picked patches of fabrics rescued from outfits that once adorned the most beautiful of women. After their purpose is served in marriages and other festivities, the old used outfits are resold to small communities of artisans who go on to stir magic with their fingers. Like the Phoenix rising out from the ashes, a whole new fabric emerges. That which is cast away as dead, begins to breath with life once again. Use as a wall hanging, spread out as a table runner or enjoy it as a Christmas tree skirt as you witness each piece dance to the tune of light from sunrise to sunset. 

NOTE: Call us for the color of interest, and we will forward pictures to your email.

SIZES: Large: 60"x40", Medium: 60"x20", Small Cushion Cover: 18"x18"